Ricardo Vicente, Cranston: Every Child Should Be Able to Benefit from High Quality Child Care

I live in Cranston with my fiancé and our three children. We use an in-home child care provider from Pawtucket to take care of our youngest son. The care and services that my child care provider offers to my family has been incredible. She has helped teach my son his numbers and his alphabet, taught him important social skills, and follows an incredibly healthy nutrition plan.

I trust my child care provider with my most important possession and I want every child to be able to benefit from this level of high quality care. This is why I support my child care provider in forming a union.

I also believe that parents and providers need to partner together with the state in order to help our children, families, and the economy. My fiancé and I both work full time, as do our parents, so our only option is to pay for child care for our children. We stagger our schedules as much as possible in order to minimize how much our kids are in child care because the costs are so high. We don’t get assistance from the state because the current eligibility guidelines are unreasonable, making child care unaffordable for many working families such as ours. I also think that it is important that child care assistance be offered to parents who want to continue their education in order to provide a better life for their family. In my own life I have wanted to change career paths or improve my skills, but I haven’t been able to because I couldn’t get child care assistance while I was in school.

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