Dawn Newman, Cumberland: Early Childhood Educators Help Families

DawnNewmanI have been a child care provider in Cumberland, RI for 18 years. I’ve seen many children enter my care as infants and leave as young people, ready for kindergarten and beyond.  From the time they are babies to the day they leave me, we are actively engaged in learning all day long. The children in my care learn to read and write, they learn their colors, they can count and do math. They learn manners, teamwork, and respect.

I love what I do and my job is a total blast because, in my heart I know that these kids are our future. I am playing an important part in giving them the right start.

I also know that I’m playing a role in their family’s success. Parents need access to reliable, affordable, quality child care for their children. Without it, their families can’t thrive.Family childcare, in which licensed child care workers like me provide early learning and child care service in our home, allows parents to work while their children are in a healthy educational environment.

I am proud of what I do and I know the children and parents that I work with value what I do.  But this job is tough. I work days, evenings, and weekends so my parents can go to work. In what little free time I do have, I get the curriculum ready for the week ahead. I deal with all the issues any small business owner needs to deal with, from accounting to advertising.

Parents need help in this economy. Kids learn and grow with quality child care, but too many people are struggling to afford it. Child Care Providers need a voice so that all kids can be prepared for their futures.

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