More Choices for Parents

June Swett-MAAcross the United States, SEIU child care providers have worked to provide more choices for parents by reducing provider turnover, expanding the number of providers participating in the subsidy system, and expanding eligibility for parents. Here are a few examples of what we have achieved by coming together:

ILLINOIS: As Illinois’ first contract took effect and rates began to increase, the number of licensed family child care providers serving subsidized children grew by more than 15% in the first year alone. In 2009, SEIU providers worked with child care advocates to win a 15% reduction in parent co-payments and an extension of child care assistance during a job search.

WASHINGTON: In the first contract, many providers caring for children in the low-income child care assistance program became eligible for low-cost individual health insurance, encouraging more providers to open their doors to low-income families and promoting a stable, consistent learning environment for low-income children’s earliest years.

OREGON:  In 2010, child care providers became eligible for health care under the state’s Family Health Insurance Assistance Program, bringing stability to the child care workforce and ensuring consistency for children. SEIU is now applying for a grant to become a partner of Oregon Healthy Kids to enroll children in the state’s health insurance program.

WASHINGTON: In 2012 through a union-initiated outreach program, providers helped hundreds of parents apply for participation in child care subsidy program as the state’s economy improved and more child care assistance became available. The outreach included community meetings and online information. For more information visit: Washington Child Care Help.

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